Raw food for your family

To understand our values, you have to hear from our founder

Cute young Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy

The Beginning

In 2018, I adopted my two humans and changed their worlds forever. From day one, I started teaching them how to let loose and live life to the fullest by chewing through all of my dad’s slippers and strewing my mom’s laundry all over the floor hunting for socks. They quickly realized that I needed the proper fuel to keep me this healthy and energetic into my adulthood. Raw was the answer.

Our Raw Journey

Over the years, I whined at them to do more and more research, and watched them spend hours in the kitchen prepping my delicious meals. It was absolutely FANTASTIC! However, I soon came to the realization that not every paw-rent had the time or resources to create quality meals for their fur-kids. I knew then and there that I had to help all my fur-iends get access to fresh and affordable real food.

Dog in a kitchen looking at blue crab
Dog staring at chickens foraging on a farm

Committed to Quality

I recruited my humans and we got to work! We chose Prey Model Raw because we aim to deliver nothing less than the gold standard in raw feeding. Next, we carefully selected the human-grade suppliers & farms we worked with for how they raised their livestock. I made sure each animal got to live their best lives and were never given hormones or antibiotics. After all, you are what you eat.

Small Batches, Delivered

Each meal is made in small batches and I personally taste test each one for quality. A tough job, but somebody has got to do it. My humans also look things over but I don’t get why, I’d never miss a thing. Best of all, I’ve enlisted the mailman to deliver all the frozen raw meals straight to your door. But keep a close eye on him and be sure to bark at him a few times if he ever delivers your package late. 

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Strong dog standing happily in front of a backdrop of green rolling hills

Now go forth on your adventures - big and small. And don’t forget to thank your humans, who have been by your side for every meal along the way.

Fur-ever yours,

Chief Tasting Officer