Viva's New Packaging

Take a peek at our new look! Please note that you may receive a mix of old & new packages as we transition!

New Dog Labels

New Cat Labels

New Pure Labels

What's NEW?

  • Smaller 1lb Packages: we've heard feedback that our 2lb packages took a while to thaw & were tricky to portion for smaller pets so are excited to offer this smaller configuration for all product lines. You will still order in 2lb increments, but your food will now come in two connected 1lb packages (see above photos). 
  • Brand New Look: we know how confusingly similar our Dog, Cat & Pure labels were (especially when trying to grab quickly from the freezer), so we updated them to both have larger text & also have more pet illustrations! Also, we wanted to just spice them up a little more in the process 😉
  • New & Improved Plastic Film: we’ve had some heartburn with our plastic packaging getting damaged through transit due to rough carrier handling, but were determined to do better. We worked with our packaging experts and are excited to be upgrading to film that’s WAY thicker & more cold resistant.
  • Easier Peel: in our old packaging, the corners (although designed to be easy) have been anything BUT easy to peel. The corners on our new package are shaped differently, allowing the package to be way easier to peel while keeping the seal just as durable.

What's NOT changing?

  • Same Food, Formulation & Sourcing: Nothing has changed about our food other than the new packaging & snazzy labels! 
  • Order in 2lb Increments: Even though our packages are now 1lb, you will still be ordering our food in 2lb increments or two connected 1lb packages as shown in the photos above.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions about these exciting updates!