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Viva Raw
E.M. (Chicago, US)

I notice a difference in my cats , their energy went up and fur became so shiny . Transitioning to raw was very easy & cats love it very much.

Viva Raw
M.R. (Winsted, US)
The Best

I have been feeding raw since 1998 and Viva Raw is by far the best quality and freshest raw I have found. My dog's have always enjoyed their raw food, but they get even more excited about their Viva Raw. Thanks for making such exceptional food and for avoiding HPP processing.

Viva Raw
Excellent product!

We have noticed that our Golden Retriever, Freddie, has healed more quickly from a surgery than expected. And her coat is fabulously soft and luminous.Thank you Viva!!

Viva Raw
S.D. (Norfolk, US)
My baby loves her food!

My baby loves her food and the transition from wet food to raw has been super easy. So happy knowing I can feed my girl the best food. Customer service has been sooo helpful any time I’ve needed to contact them. I have no complaints. There’s one protein my girl doesn’t like but I haven’t figured that out yet. I always forgot which one I gave her but now I have labels so I’ll figure it out. Nothing wrong with it, just doesn’t care for that protein. She LOVED the Goat, I hope they bring it back! (Learn to feed your dogs the correct amount of food and they won’t starve) moisture is GOOD, so is having enough protein. Cats need all the moisture in their diet as well as all the protein. Recalls mean nothing, cats stomach can handle it. the fda hates GOOD raw food company’s so they do whatever to attack them. All raw food has bacteria, just like ours. Feminist Kitty on IG/Tiktok explains it all. Research your precious kibble and see how much bacteria is in it. Quit feeding them that garbage

Viva Raw
K.D. (Detroit, US)
80% Moisture. Starving our Dog

We have a ACK GSD puppy and did the info form for the food. We went with what the website suggested. Our dog is so under fed and yet it still says it's correct for our puppy. In such a vital time for growth this food is starving our dog. The protein to fat ratio is for that of a lean dog and not a growing puppy. This formula will under nourish your dog and cause long term problems such as arthritis for lack of fat needed. We were spending more than our own groceries on this dog food, I trusted this brand to ensure our puppies health came first and it is far from that. We didn't know until a professional informed us our dog was being under fed and starving. It broke our hearts when your spending thousands of dollars investing in their health yet we were actually starving the dog.

Do you research first, if you're using this as a supplement feed or adding a TON of other things to this meat, sure, it could be great but if you're trusting the brand solely alone to provide substantial meals for your growing puppy, don't. So dissatisfied and disappointed.

Viva Raw
N.A. (Ventura, US)
Great quality

I would give 4.5 if i could…. My cats love this and seem to have increased vigor moods and shiner coats .
However they send too much and too big. My whole freezer if full of cat food. I’d like half lbs and next time I’ll order a lot less.

Viva Raw
D. (Portland, US)
Customer service is lacking

After a recall on the turkey, I immediately cancelled my subscription. I threw away all the turkey recipes from my old and new shipment that I received and contacted Viva through the email that they had sent out in regards to the recall. I have not received any response from their team only an automated message that states that someone would be in contact with me within 1 business day. It has been 3 business days and counting. I don’t think I can trust this company to do the right thing and give me a refund which is truly heartbreaking since my pup has had diarrhea and vomit due to this recall. As someone who is a college student and working a minimum wage job, I work so hard to give my pup the best that I can give him, so this really saddens me the way this company is handling this situation…

Viva Raw
S.A. (Brooklyn, US)
My simba baby loves Viva chicken

I can’t say enough how happy I’m with the quality. My baby simba used to have stinky poop and now I can’t tell when he poop. He loves his chicken viva.

Viva Raw
L.L. (Seattle, US)
Kitten did not eat any of my order

My new kitten raised on viva raw eagerly ate the chicken pack she came home with, but ate none of the packs in my order. I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to feed the chicken packs to her for weeks. I had to order 10 packs to get an order sent so now I have a bunch of packs she won’t eat, total waste of money. I also ordered turkey that I don’t trust since the recall and will just toss. Customer service offered suggestions that didn’t work, either something is wrong with my order or she just doesn’t want the product anymore. No refund (or even partial refund) has been offered. This is my first and last order.

Viva Raw
J.M. (Rock Hill, US)
So far all is good! First week

Our dog has severe allergies and after a hair analysis we found duck is the only safe food for our boy to eat.
After much research we found Viva and so far all has gone as they described on their page and our boy is loving his food.

Viva Raw
S.S. (Imperial, US)
Quality and Quantity

I have tried EVERYTHING for my cat. From dry food to wet food to pate, chunked, or ground. Small kibble, different shaped kibble, prescription and commercial diets. My cat has IBD and urinary issues, and is an EXTREMELY picky eater. He struggles to maintain weight and to keep up an appetite. I tried him on Viva and now he asks for seconds (which sometimes he gets). I cannot be happier with this food. Now he pesters me until I grab his breakfast and can’t wait for mealtime

Viva Raw
D.S. (Salt Lake City, US)
Still figuring it out :)

I got the Viva Raw food for my cat, I have two but I know one wouldn’t eat it for sure so I’m only doing it for one of my cats. He Didn’t really like it at first so I started to mix it I to his favorite wet food and he’s loved it!! We’re going to slowly increase the intake of his raw food until it’s full raw :)

Viva Raw
E.M. (Los Angeles, US)
Dog won’t eat

My roommate and I purchased this food in order to transition our dogs to a raw diet. We were pleased to find out about the clean bowl guarantee, which ensures a refund for any uneaten food. My roommate reached out to viva for advice on raw feeding, asking what to do if our dog isn't interested in the food. She received helpful tips, but I was advised to cook the food for my picky puppy. However, I really wanted to avoid cooking his meals every time. I don't want cook food for my dog every day because he's quite a picky eater, If I do it regularly, he'll develop a preference for cooked food and I don't want that. That's why I decided to buy raw dog food. Especially with the clean bowl guarantee. I thought it would be a safety net in case my pup didn't enjoy it. Unfortunately, both of our dogs aren't enjoying the food, despite our hopes and the clean bowl guarantee. We even took the time to read through the policy because we were concerned about the cost of the raw dog food. If my dog doesn't like the viva, should I cook it for him? No, the whole point is to feed raw, and my dog will not eat it raw. It's disappointing that people are relying on the clean bowl guarantee for security, only to be offered a 25% courtesy refund.

Viva Raw
e.M. (Redlands, US)

My roommate and I decided to switch our dogs to a raw dog food diet, so we ordered from Viva. We were thrilled to see the clean bowl guarantee, promising a refund if our dogs didn't finish their meals. I reached out to Viva for advice on raw feeding, and they provided some great tips. Despite trying to mix in their old food, our dogs were avoiding the raw food. I mentioned trying toppers next, but unfortunately, nothing seemed to work. Luna kept eating around the raw food, and when I reached out to Viva for help, I received no response. It's disappointing that they're not honoring the clean bowl guarantee, especially when many people are trying the food based on that promise.

Viva Raw
A.H. (San Francisco, US)
Raw cat food

My cats love this! Have more energy!

Viva Raw
M. (Novi, US)
Package arrived with no dry ice packs *updated*

My first order in early May went smoothly. 10lbs of meat came frozen solid. Box had insulation paddings and dry ice packs. My kitten finished all of it. It took her around 7weeks to finish it, we did a very slow transition. It has been all good.

However my second order (end of June), 14lbs meat came to me thawed. Inside the box was not fridge cold. There was only insulation paddings but NO dry ice packs and it's summer. I was frustrated looking at the waste of meat. My transit time was 2 days. Shipped 6/25 . Arrived 6/27, 5.28pm. The box was out for delivery since 9.22am that day.

I contacted them the next morning (via chat on their website) explaining my situation, they were able to place the order again. All 14lbs of meat. I am still waiting for the new order to come. My kitten likes VivaRaw. I really hope that it will be good this time or else I will need to stop using VivaRaw altogether.

Hopefully this will be a one time mistake because they did mention about their monitoring of the heat index of destination address.

I will leave 3 stars for now and will update it when the new order arrives.


New order came, frozen. Adding 1 more star. But I am not too happy about the recent recall.

Viva Raw
S.S. (Atlanta, US)
Such a good option for my cats, they didn’t like beef and rabbit though

My cats are obsessed! I was so nervous at first but they got used to it pretty quickly. My picky boy cat is so excited for the food that he started to jump on the counter when he sees that I’m getting it out of the fridge instead of a can.
The only two options that are bad in my opinion is beef and rabbit. Both of my cats vomited immediately after trying it, so I won’t order those two anymore. They love chicken, turkey and duck.
I do recommend viva raw and continue to order from them!

Viva Raw
R.C. (Fredericksburg, US)
Solved tough ibd

Oh my gosh! For years I've been struggling to help my poor boy with his severe ibd. Puddle poop that is like pee & throwing up every morning. I followed the transition instructions & within a few days of getting him totally off his old food, he was having formed stool and no more throwing up! We'd tried probiotics, prebiotic, all sorts of meds, and all types of foods including crappy Rx foods. Nothing worked for him. I'm so thankful I found Viva. I'll be telling everyone about them.

Viva Raw
D.B. (Pittsburgh, US)
So far, so good

I am happily surprised that my cat has licked her plate clean at almost every meal. The only instances where she didn't was with the rabbit. I expected her to like that one the most (for some reason). I'm happy about the trial and Clean Plate Guarantee and hope it applies when one of the meats doesn't work out! She liked the chicken, and I didn't even have to transition her to it. I've started on the beef and she seems to like that (for now!)

Viva Raw
L.H. (Sacramento, US)
Good Food for my Pup

My pup really likes the Turkey. He feels better since eating it.

Viva Raw
E.A. (Maineville, US)
Unsatisfied Cat and Owner

I got the trial pack for my 3 cats. 2 of my cats refused the food after a week and getting through all the flavors and circling back. The cat I originally got this for was still eating it so I was able to make 2 weeks worth of food last a month.

After almost a month I decided to make a full order and spent almost $300 and I got it with one pack of the trial food left. I open a pack from the large order and my cat refused to eat it. I worked with customer service to troubleshoot but my cat refused to eat it. I asked for a refund and only got 25% back. I was shocked and unhappy but apparently my first order was the trial pack and not the full order. When I stated my frustration and confusion they never responded.

I am not happy with this company and they need to be more clear on what they mean by first order. To me the trial pack was just that, a trial, and my first order would be my first full order.

Because of the latest treatment from support I can no longer recommend this company. Lesson learned and I hope future potential customer really think before committing to this, especially if your cat is sick and you already have spent a lot of money on food in trying to make them better. Viva Raw please do better in the future and update your clean bowl policy to reflect what the first order actually is. Had I known it was the trial pack I never would've placed a full order.

Viva Raw
A.C. (Salt Lake City, US)
My pup approves

Everything is good, love the variety. I just wish the food is packed as 1/2lb packs rather than 1lb.

Viva Raw
L.C. (Marina, US)
My fat girl loves it

The food took about a week to arrive because of my order timing. Once the package shipped it arrived in 2 days in an insulated box shipped with dry ice. The meat was still frozen solid.

My cat eats about anything so I knew she would like it. If you have a cat that you have to hide the chicken tray from then they'll probably like it too.

My cat is recommended to eat 3oz so upon arrival, I defrosted the meat in the fridge and portioned my cat's recommended 3oz into ball jam jars and then re-froze them. They take a few hours to defrost (in the fridge) so the first feeding needs to be placed into the fridge to defrost over night. My routine is to feed her and then immediately move the next days meal from the freezer to the fridge. This way I the morning her food is ready to be served. I mix her food into a little water to ensure she is hydrated, and she still eats it up happily.

I'm just a bit worried about the fat content because I hear conflicting answers but I've heard cat need about 10 to 40% fat content. This worries me because I don't think any of the formulas actually have 10%. Either way I might figure out a way to supplement the fat.

Also, this is actually very affordable for me, $110 every 2 months. That $55 a month and it could be even cheaper if I switch to the cheaper meats.

Viva Raw
T.C. (Naples, US)
I’m sure it’s good but…

My kitten was eating raw when I got her. I heard rave reviews about Viva. So, I took the plunge. Less than 8 hours after sue tried this food, she was vomiting everywhere. Same protein as the other food, beef to beef. Looks like I’ll be sticking to the other brand for her since the other three won’t touch raw food. Now, I have all this excess expensive food!

Viva Raw
K.J. (Marysville, US)

We love our first test of Viva!