To our customers, 

If you have been with Viva for a while, you know that we’ve always been transparent with you guys and at the bottom of this page, you'll find the notice that was emailed to all of our affected customers about our Duck recipes from Lot #22853. We want to be as open & candid as we can with all of you but there’s a lot of information that we cannot share, and there’s a lot that we are working to understand ourselves. As you can imagine, things happened extremely quickly and we’re doing our best to work through this.

Here's what we can share: 

  • The last of the lot was shipped on Dec. 6th, 2023, over 50 days ago
  • Product from this lot was shipped to 1,500+ customers
  • Other than one customer complaint, we have not had any other reach outs related to the lot

I know you guys have many more questions, which is why we have this page below—we'll be keeping this updated.

Please review the questions & answers here and get in touch if you still need help. We’re a small team so we ask for your patience with us as we work to help you guys. Above all else, know the health & safety of our food and your pets always come first for us.

💜 Zach, Jenn, and the entire Viva Team


Product Label for Affected Lot: View
Voluntary Recall Letter of Duck Recipes (Lot #22853): View