food from our family to yours.

Zach, Jenn, and Karoo smiling on a nature hike

👋 Hi! We’re Zach & Jenn, and this is Karoo 🐶

Both of us had multiple pets in the family when growing up, and we witnessed firsthand the detrimental effects of kibble-based diets. We were committed to keeping Karoo as healthy as possible & fell in love with fresh feeding immediately after researching & starting her on the diet.

However, things weren’t so rosy behind-the-scenes 😫

We both worked 9-5 jobs & would come home afterward to meal prep every night. We were exhausted trying to keep her on a fresh & real diet.

So, we began trying raw food brands… but everything just looked like mush & were just so messy to feed!

Furthermore, we too, were victim to purchasing lower-quality meat as a result of companies just not telling us everything 😞

Dog in chef hat and apron preparing fresh meat on kitchen counter

So we decided to change it all.

We’re pet owners, just like you, who got fed up with the lack of transparency when it came to fresh food brands. We’re committed to telling, and most importantly, showing you what’s in the food that we make for your pets.

We’re the only company that’s producing a chunked food, because we believe it’s important for pet parents to see what they’re feeding.

what is the viva magic?

Human-grade duck breast meat

highest quality ingredients.

It all starts with the sourcing. We use USDA-inspected, humanely raised meat with no hormones or growth-promoting antibiotics, sourced from the same farms and retailers that would stock your local Whole Foods or serve up a fancy cut of duck breast at a restaurant. We don’t cut corners here, because your pet doesn’t deserve any less.

always small-batch.

The magic all happens within our kitchens—where we are the first and only pet food made in our facility that also produces human food. And you better believe we’re proud of it. As a result, we are holding ourselves to strict food safety standards when prepping meals.

Chunky cuts of chicken meat, Viva pet food


Yep. You read that right. That’s some SAT-vocabulary that other fresh pet food companies just don’t have.

Our goal is to have you feel like you’re feeding your pets a meal that you would make at home for them—so we chunk everything (other than bone, which is always finely ground) to make sure you can see the different cuts of meat & organ that you’re getting within our recipes.

Pet have a picky palate? Don’t worry, we produce a ground version too 🥰 

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we’re the good kind of different, and we hope you like that.

in case you aren’t convinced yet, here’s a selection of dogs & cats
that felt some type of way about our food.

💜 Karoo, Zach & Jenn from Viva