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Viva Raw
K.e.M. (Dallas, US)
cat and dog raw food

Received quality product for my dogs and cats in a timely matter! Products were in great condition (frozen solid) ! My pets loved the products and were begging for more.

Viva Raw
S.M. (Milford, US)

I’ve been feeding my pet's raw food for years. They’ve done great on all of them. I really just wanted to try this company because it comes to me ! Yes - I know it seems lazy but it’s super convenient for my crazy life. All three of dogs and my cat LOVE this food.

Viva Raw
G.T. (Asheville, US)
Beautiful fur + muscles, beautiful food

It was really easy to switch my 2y/o cat to raw food using the chicken formula to start and mixing it with his old food like recommended. He didn't have any stomach issues switching (no loose stools or upset stomachs). I did give him a probiotic supplement while he was switching as recommended, so that probably helped. And he no longer gets constipated when he's stressed like he used to on store bought wet food. He's gained a lot of lean muscle and his fur is incredibly soft and shiny. It's like he glitters in the sun now. His fur was never like that before. It was always dull and kinda rough. His absolute favorite is the rabbit and I love feeding it to him. To me it feels natural. Definitely make the switch if you can. My new kitten is already showing positive signs after feeding her viva raw too and since she's so young and was a stray she adjusted perfectly without any problems and without having to mix anything in. She completely cleans her bowl every time and I've only had her for about 5 days at the time of writing. She goes insane for anything chicken so that's the fan favorite in my house.
To top it off, the customer service cannot be beat. When I tried the limited edition goat recipe and my boy refused to eat it and threw up when he did, they gave me credit for what he couldn't eat while also educating me so I don't make the same mistake of upsetting my boys stomach. Some cats can be allergic to red meat and turns out my boy is, so I know to avoid beef and other red meats with him now. When I thought I would have to move to a place that can't be delivered to a month ago, I contacted customer service and they worked with me to ensure I could keep my little ones on the food using FedEx shipping. Every time I've contacted customer service it's been an amazing experience with friendly and understanding staff.
I love everything about this company and their food. Every pet I own for my entire life going forward will be on viva raw. Thank you for providing humane, sustainable, and amazing pet food. And doing voluntary recalls when most of the industry refuses to unless the FDA gets involved.

Viva Raw
D.B. (Eugene, US)
Don't use the scheduled shipping, it can't be edited nor fixed

The recurring shipment feature can't be edited once created and one will have to call every month to have the order adjusted. Customer support can't fix this bug and trying to navigate this POS website leads to zero resolution and high frustration levels with a giant pile of frozen food for the cats and none for the humans. If I calm down I may be back after i figure out a good human recipe for the friggin
goat meat i am stuck with due to this scheduled order edit issue that lasted three months. I would insert a snarky meme but that can't be done either. Oh wait! An optional picture...

Thank you for providing your feedback. I apologize that our subscription service did not meet your expectations. I would like to offer some insight into our process.

When orders are processed through our system, payment is collected, and the order is automatically sent to our warehouse for preparation. At this stage, customers must contact us to make any changes, as our warehouse requires sufficient notice to finalize orders. This is not a system bug, but rather a standard operational procedure.

We send subscription alerts four days before charges are applied, allowing customers ample time to make changes directly or through our support team. According to our records, a reminder email was sent to you along with an SMS notification. I apologize if these notifications were missed.

If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please feel free to reach out.

Viva Raw
C.G.L.G. (Brevard, US)
The best I’ve ever fed my Goldens!

I raise and show Goldens and conditioning is extremely important when showing. I’ve been feeding Viva for several years and my kids look and feel fantastic both when playing, sleeping with us or showing off in the show ring!

Viva Raw
R.M. (Charlotte, US)
Great food

Food is wonderful my German shepherd eats the whole pick twice a day!! I love the ease of it. Everything is already mixed in. I was doing raw since I’ve had my Sammy but this made it easier. Some people say it’s too expensive, but after I averaged out the cost of all the meat and vegetables and rice and supplements I was buying I’m actually saving money!!!

The only drawback that I can suggest is the packaging the ingredients are spot on on the front and the little packages are great. The problem is it’s hard for me to open.!

Shipping is pretty spot on. I can order Friday and get my order the next Thursday, so I’ll always keep that in mind with how much I have on hand.

I’ve only had one hiccup or one of the packs had started to thaw out a little bit other than that no issues

Viva Raw
S.B. (Lititz, US)
Poor customer service

We love the food, but the customer service is not good. They didn't send me my full order. I called in and she apologized for the mistake, but wouldn't send the rest of order unless I paid full shipping and handling!

We are so happy to hear you have been loving our food!

I want to clarify that we did attempt to communicate with you regarding the status of your current order, specifically about the exclusion of the Chunked recipes you requested. However, if there was any oversight on our part in ensuring you received this message, we sincerely apologize. We did go ahead and refund the shipping fees for your order due to the misunderstanding.

Our shipping fee policy is structured to cover the various costs involved in processing and delivering orders. Regrettably, we're unable to extend free shipping for a new order.

Should you wish to modify the date of your upcoming subscription box with those Chunked recipes included, we're more than happy to accommodate your request! This adjustment would automatically qualify for complimentary shipping. We sent you an email inquiring your preference for this. Alternatively, you can also make these changes through your account at your convenience.

Once again, thank you for sharing your experience with us!

Viva Raw
J.&.Z.Z. (Pittsburgh, US)
I’m Stunned!

My Great Dane Zoey is a pretty picky eater but she also has a very sensitive stomach. I’ve always wanted to try raw with her, but as a mom to a toddler it’s hard for me to take the extra time to prepare her meals plus tend to my other two dogs. We decided to try Viva Raw since it’s just thaw and serve. I was a little skeptical by this honestly. To my surprise though, Zoey LOVES it! She didn’t hesitate to eat her first meal and made sure the bowl was squeaky clean. I think within two weeks I noticed she wasn’t straining to go to the bathroom anymore which was a HUGE relief! I’d say if you’re a busy pet parent or you just want your pet to eat better with amazing ingredients, definitely try this! If my picky girl loves it I think any pet will!

Viva Raw
J.D. (Kannapolis, US)
Kitty loves Viva

My Kitty loves Viva. She has tried chicken, rabbit, turkey, and duck she gobbles them down and has a clean bowl when finished. She does not care for the beef. It’s the only one that she will not eat. I think 4 out of 5 is great!!

Viva Raw
A.B. (Ft. Pierce, US)
Watered down

I bought the rabbit to start my dog on an elimination diet. I fed him the same weight per meal as i did when making his own raw meals at home. He was losing weight with the VIVA RAW rabbit mix. Meaning it has a lot of water in it. I'm not paying for watered down meat mix. I will start making my own mixes again at home. I am sure Viva Raw is a great company and has good quality products. Just way too expensive.

We sincerely apologize that your experience with our food did not meet your expectations. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns and provide some clarity!

It's important to note that our feeding recommendations are tailored to the unique composition of our food, which may differ significantly from other brands or homemade diets in terms of ingredients and nutritional profile. Deviating from these personalized recommendations could indeed affect your pet's weight management.

Regarding the moisture content, our food typically contains 70-80% water, which is consistent with industry standards for raw diets.

We genuinely appreciate your feedback and we are grateful you gave us a try! If you have any questions about feeding recommendations or anything else, do let us know!

Viva Raw
L.M. (Houston, US)
Exceptional Highest Quality Food.

I switched to Viva Raw just over a year ago and the results are paramount.
I have two rescue cats, both severely abused and starved. My boy had the preliminary stage of Severe Inflammatory Disease, and my girl was pre-diabetic also suffering from extreme hair loss and skin allergies.
My boy had runny stools for 4 years, the stench was unbearable and he couldn’t express his glands. I tried grain free, prescription digestive food. For my girl, she was on weight control prescription diet food.
Both continued with getting worse, I found a channel on YouTube with Jess Caticles. She introduced me to my first human grade cat food. Both cats thrived on the human grade food but my boy was starting to show some past symptoms.
I used the link in Jess’s YouTube channel by mistake and ordered a first time box from Viva Raw.

My two cats have flourished and are so shiny, so energetic, so soft and their minds are so stimulated, they play daily and have no more indications of Severe Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Pre-Diabetes.
I am so grateful for your high quality raw food for my two babies.
Thank you sincerely!

My love and my greatest respects,
Lynda, Brando and CoCo

Viva Raw
A.R. (Denver, US)
Our babies love the food we love the service!

Our kittens have the most silky/soft fur since eating this food regularly. They are strong and healthy and they love their beef! They also have enjoyed all of the limited time only meats we’ve given them. This company is so wonderful to communicate with as well! They are always very polite and helpful. Super easy to get ahold of. I had the pleasure of speaking with Bryn today and she has been a delight. Thank you Viva for providing wonderful service and quality nutritious food for our babies. ❤️

Viva Raw
T.R. (Edison, US)
Made my own for over 40 years!

I’ve been making my own raw cat food for over 40 years. When you figure in all the extra costs of supplements and all and time to make, and not really being able to have assurance of the freshness and quality of the raw, Viva is a savings. This is the first cat food maker that I have ever considered switching to…let alone goin ahead a switching! And Our cats love it…(even more than what we make-chagrin ). And customer service is really awesome! We are Beyond satisfied . Thank you Viva Raw!

Viva Raw
P.B. (Charlotte, US)
It’s a hit!

My girl has been eating raw from a competitor and has loved it but am trying to avoid poultry and beef due to likely allergies and their only other option is lamb. Because of environmental concerns I don’t love lamb, but was willing to buy it for her comfort. Now with Viva I have the option of rabbit which is a much better choice. She has taken to it like a champ. I will probably switch from the ground to the chunky because the ground is too much like a paste. I wish it came packaged in 1/2 lb packs like the other company because my girl is small and I don’t need a full pound at a time. I know that I could cut the packs in half but that’s too much trouble and too messy.

Viva Raw
W.A.W. (Rancho Palos Verdes, US)
My Bengal Loves It!

We brought our 12 week old bengal kitten home and he barely eating anything. We tried about 10 different kitten foods over a week or so with only limited success. We were planning to convert over to raw food anyway, so we tried it and he ate it all instantly! 100% change over right away. The mousse like consistency is softer than any canned pates, which seemed to really help. He likes all of the various protein flavors equally. I will admit, it took about 14 days before his stools hardened up some. It is advertised as 7-10. His stool stinks something awful, but my other cats on "regular" food don't smell like a bed of roses either. His coat is amazing too. I don't have a before and after to compare to since we started him young and almost immediately, but his coat is amazingly soft!

Viva Raw
C. (St Louis, US)
Big declaws up!

My 15 week old miniature dachshund has been eating the puppy recipe for a week so far. She LOVES it! Never anything left in the bowl.

Viva Raw
C.R. (Sumter, US)
Pets wouldn’t eat it.

Very expensive sampler. Cats can be picky, sure, but I have 4 and none of them would come close to this food. Not saying it might not be high quality, but in my case, my cats wouldn’t touch it.

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us! We are sorry to hear that your cats haven't yet embraced our meals. An email containing troubleshooting suggestions has been sent to you, which should help ease the transition for your kitties. We acknowledge that acclimatizing to a new food can sometimes pose challenges for picky kitties, and would love to offer support through the process. Should you require further guidance or have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Viva Raw
D.A. (Collegeville, US)
They make it easy for us

I love the frozen prepackaged one pound packages for my cats. So convenient!!! It really only needs a day in the fridge to thaw enough for handling. It’s nice that it’s premixed and my cats love it!!

I wish the package was pre scored or marked indicating ounces (like butter sticks have tablespoon markings,) this way people who don’t have scales could easily know how much they are feeding.

One other thing I would love to see this company consider, and that would be to offer lower phosphorus options for CKD pets.

Viva Raw
So easy!

Viva has made it so easy to transition my cat to raw! I had always been a little intimidated by it until I found Viva! I love the packaging- it’s cute, fits easily in the freezer, and is easy to cut into 2 ounce portions. Since I only have 1 cat, I portion into glass baby food jars I found on Amazon and refreeze the jars so I’m only de thawing what my cat will eat the next day. My orders have come quickly and fully frozen. I like that I can buy a variety of proteins to rotate through. I also like how whole food sources are mainly used for balancing the food. I have since tried raw from other companies and realized how much better quality Viva is :)

Viva Raw
A.D. (Yucaipa, US)
My dog got worms

Followed instructions to a T and my dog ended up with worms and vomited out and pooped out! My dog did not have worms prior.

We are so sorry to hear your pet has been unwell! We did send you an email followup so we can get some more information. Most worms are susceptible to freezing temperatures, and our ingredients and finished products are stored and maintained at temperatures that meet or exceed industry standards to prevent contamination in addition to our normal rigorous quality control measures. However, we recognize the gravity of your report and are fully committed to conducting a thorough investigation upon receiving your response. Thank you!

Viva Raw
M.S. (Katy, US)
My kitty didn’t care for it but…

Wish they had a smaller trial than 10 lbs. My cat refused to eat any of the flavors except the cow and only after I cooked it in a pan, which defeats the purpose of feeding raw. But customer service was wonderful and issued a full refund. I can tell the food is high quality so will definitely be trying the dog recipes for my rescue in the near future.

Viva Raw
M.P. (Las Vegas, US)
my kitties love raw

healthy stool and coat! love vivaraw

Viva Raw
G.S. (Minneapolis, US)
Happy fur baby appy mommy

Sometimes my fur baby wants something crunchy. The dehydration works wonders! It retains all the nutrients and flavors. He loves it more dehydrated compared to gently boiled.

Viva Raw
D.R. (Puyallup, US)
Improve the packaging!

Love it! Healthy and simply amazing ingredients. Wish the packaging was easier to handle tho. 8oz packages would simply be amazing! Hard to get out all the food from a 16oz pac.

Viva Raw
J.D. (Kannapolis, US)
Kitty loves viva

My kitty loves viva. For a young kitten she eats it very well. She just loves it. I have given her chicken so far but I am sure she will love the other varieties of viva too.