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Viva Raw
C.G. (Rancho Mirage, US)
Viva, where ya been all my life (what my pets are now saying haha)

I have a number of cat/dog rescues who are now all seniors. I purchased the raw cat mix and dog mix. The cats needed no transition - they love it! 2 of my dogs were a little slower to adjust but doing fine, and the 3rd... well, she'll eat anything lol. Thank Viva for a fantastic quality product at a very reasonable cost, which is especially important for those of us with a lot of rescues / multi pet household.

Viva Raw
S.B. (Park Ridge, US)

I ordered my first box of Viva in January for my cats. One of my cats really likes raw meat from the grocery store but we’ve tried a few other raw pet foods and this is the first one he really likes. I think that is due to the fact that Vivas meat is such high quality. He is now on a mostly raw diet, with freeze dried raw toppers and he’s doing great. He used to throw up consistently from food but he rarely throws up now. My other cat is definitely more picky and we’re still working on transitioning her but gently cooking the food has been working great for her. My cats are both almost 12 and the cat that is on full raw has the most energy he’s had in years. I can tell he feels great. It was definitely intimidating starting on raw food at the beginning but I’m so glad I did it. I’m so pleased with Vivas transparency with literally everything from sourcing to AAFCO guidelines.

Viva Raw
H.S. (Bradenton, US)

My dogs absolutely love it! I was nervous about feeding raw to my seniors (if they would take to it well). I have been feeding for around 3 weeks now and it has been great; however, over the past two days one of my girl’s stool has been loose but I’m hoping it will resolve in a couple days- I highly suggest supplementing with native pets pumpkin to ease transitioning. The shipping was great- there was a minor delay but the food came completely frozen solid!!! I was so happy with that as I was worried it would thaw out and go bad. I will normally thaw out the food the day of or day before feeding and move the food into a container so as to keep it fresh. It smells and looks fresh and the ingredients are high quality and super nutritious. Highly highly recomend!!!

Viva Raw
K. (Gastonia, US)
New Kitten

My breeder insisted on raw for my new kitten and that was new to me. She recommended Viva and WOW does she love it! Easy to serve too.

Viva Raw
K. (Albany, US)
Great ingredients, dog loves it

I love the ingredients used in Viva Raw (organs!) and my dog seems to love the taste. She can be a little picky so it was a relief when she cleaned her bowl.

Viva Raw
T.K. (Franklin, US)
Near Immediate Change

Our 4 year old Autralian Sheppard has seemed to have food issues since we got her. Nothing major but after eating certain foods she would be lazy, just acting older than she should and her poops were never ever really solid. Throughout the years we learned which foods she did better on, but we were constantly trying new brands, with less and less "added" ingredients to try and keep things as pure as can be with store bought dog food, but only noticed minimal positive changes. Well I have to say literally within the first few days of eating viva raw, things have definitely turned around for her. After about 2 weeks or so, her coat has become less coarse, her poops are solid and normal, and her energy and alertness has definitely improved. Now the only thing to figure out is which are her favorite flavors and lock them in!

Viva Raw
E. (Molalla, US)
They seem to like it

First time buying and feeding my cats raw meat and they seem to really like it.

Viva Raw
L.E. (Mexico, US)
Meat is not fresh

In the last few orders, the meat has been brownish to gray around the edges. When it happened with the cat food, my cat stopped eating it.
Very disappointed in what appears to be a decrease in quality.

Viva Raw
R.G. (Toccoa, US)
Very pleased with this food

I bought this food because it closely matches ingredients I use to make my own dog food at home. The chore is so labor intense I was searching for food I could buy to take off some of the burden of weekly food making.. My dog loves it

Viva Raw
A.R. (Jacksonville, US)
We are off to a great start!

My cat loves this food so far. He was never a big eater and he is very enthused about it. He likes all the flavors. We will continue with it. Thank you!

Viva Raw
S.V.S.C. (Kissimmee, US)
Its honestly worth it! My cats love it!

Ive been feeding my cats raw meat for a year now but its so much work to cut up all the meats and store them it takes me around 2 hours or so and I have to keep buying raw meats every week. Here you can just order it and its not even that pricey! I bought 6 meats and thats going to last me a whole month! And I only paid $90. The shipping is what will cost a bit but its because its raw meat and has to be shipped as quickly as possible! To me is worth it! Think about it either buy the raw meats every week and spend alot of time cutting and preparing it when you pay once and it will last you an entire month and its all fully prepared! Honestly my cats love it so far I just wish they had Duck recipes because I usually feed Duck to my cats because it helps with their sensitive stomachs and helps keep the fur nice and shiny! But over all their favorite from this shop is the Rabbit and Beef!! I will definitely keep buying from Viva Raw!

Viva Raw
Z.B. (Seattle, US)
Not bad, not great

I wanted to try this for the varied protein options. I read the reviews about the consistency and the number of cats getting sick from the food, but made the gamble. I don't think I'll be purchasing again until the consistency changes. It is a nightmare to work with. So far, my cat likes it, but it is the messiest raw food I've ever seen. It is difficult to portion and the package leaks. I like the purpose of the company, I love the sourcing and protein variability, but the product from the companies that I have been using are far easier to work with.

Viva Raw
P.H. (Charlotte, US)
Started out good, but now making animals very sick.

Packaging, food quality very poor, and has made my entire Cattery very sick. Started great, ended very badly.

Viva Raw
j.n. (Alto, US)
Cassidy and Sundance

Cassidy and Sundance have been a little slow to warm up to eating the raw food, but after two weeks of nibbling around on it, they are really starting to like it, and more so each day. They really go for the chicken, turkey, and beef ... not so much yet for the duck and rabbit, but that also may change as time goes on.
I can already see an increase in the energy level of Sundance and Cassidy (and they had a lot on energy to start with).
I am totally convinced, from all the reading and study I have done on the subject, that Viva makes the finest and best pet food in the world. It is completely obvious that the owners of Viva, Jenn and Zach, really care about what they are doing, and about getting it right!

Viva Raw

My 6 month old tuxedo kitty successfully switched to Viva Raw from dry kitten pellets. He loves his new food, and he’s much healthier. Excellent quality, and it’s easy to store. Thanks for making an amazing cat food.

Viva Raw
K.C. (Henderson, US)
Great product! Great experience

To be honest I have never been one to leave reviews for anything but honestly my experience has been so great I had to share it.
First off my dogs love the food, there was a slight adjustment in the beginning with my younger dog since he is a picky eater we had to do a lot of taste testing and slow feeding until he decided that he didn’t want to be the odd one out since my older dog gulps it down like a dropped piece of cheese. But they love the food eat. The biggest difference I have seen is in my older dog she is 6 years old and has a lot more energy through out the day and over all happier. But the best part is the company! If you really look into there are not a lot of company’s out there that truly care about animals and over all health and the customer experience. If you look at there Instagram you can see how dedicated they are to constantly in proving their food for your animals. And they are always responding and replying to all questions or issues that their customers might have. I have never received that kind of real care from any other dog food company. I have to big dogs and I only feed them Viva food and even though it can get expensive since quality never comes cheap I will gladly pay it every two weeks if it means I get to see my fur babies happy and healthy.

Truly a company that actually cares and produces the best quality possible. If you are considering who hung to Viva food I hope this post helps you take the plunge. I wish I had found them sooner!

Viva Raw
A.A. (Baton Rouge, US)
My cats both love it!

My cats have tried the turkey and duck so far, and they aren’t huge fans of the duck but they love the turkey! They didn’t even have to sniff it first or anything. It didn’t upset their stomachs either.

Viva Raw
M. (Phoenix, US)
Happy and surprised

I wasn't expecting my 2 cats to jump on each raw meat without hesitation. I don't think I have much of a choice now, as my cats are expecting viva raw and nothing else, they never had duck and rabbit before, now they are big fan. I did a one time purchase for a try out, I will now be subscribing. There's a little adjustement to do for the preparation, but it's just a question of practice and trial and errors. I did a very long gradual transition of many weeks as I still had food from smalls. Now we're 100% viva raw :)

Viva Raw
G.L. (Westfield, US)
VIVA is the absolute best raw dog food!

I have a 9 month old Miniature Dachshund, Tilley. She has been eating the VIVA Raw puppy food for a few months. She has the silkiest fur, no dander, doesn't smell like a dog and she looks great. The best feature of all is that she has regular healthy poops a couple of times a day. I started her on VIVA Raw because of Dr. Judy Morgan recommending it on the VIVA Raw website. I couldn't be happier with how my dog looks and acts because of this wonderful dog food. I stopped feeding kibble years ago to my previous dog because I know that healthy pets need to eat healthy raw food.

Viva Raw
M.S. (Boardman, US)
Awesome product, awesome customer service, stubborn kitties. The struggle is real.

After giving the raw, complete and balanced DIY food prep a try, and my cats not eating it, I thought I would give this a go. VivaRaw got the seal of approval from the certified pet nutritionist in my online group, so I went for it. I was very happy at being able to provide balanced, complete meals to my kitties without all the hassle.

I really really wanted this to work.

I have one picky eater and one who will eat anything. I struggled with the picky one to eat the chicken (the protein they know well), and the other cat would not have any.

I changed up the proteins and the beef was the one they fought the least, but the other ones they would just pick at.

I don't know if it’s the texture, since they are used to eating chunks of muscle meat and organs, but they just did not want the food. Not sure if chunked food would be better accepted, but I’m hoping that’s in the future with Viva.

Anyway, I kept rescheduling my new order and when customer service reached out to me, they gave me some tips and suggested I cancel my subscription until I felt more confident that my cats would eat it. They were awesome and very understanding, something I totally appreciate.

I’ve put the food away, and I’m going to give the struggle a break. I’m tired of fighting my kitties and I’m sure they are too. I’m going to portion out some really small pieces and sprinkle it with probiotics (or something) to see if they will eat it.

I really want this to work; even though I’m feeding them natural food, it’s not balanced. Also, Viva offers proteins that I don't have access to, and once you factor in your time, the cost is about the same as DIY. Dare I say even less?

Awesome product, awesome service. If your pets will eat it, it’s they to go.

Viva Raw
J. (Hammond, US)
Rabbit & Duck

I didn’t order a huge order. But did put together one. I didn’t give the duck but do thank you for understanding why. My boy really loved the rabbit. In his bowl it’s the first side he went to each time. I am out at the moment. But I hope to be able to reorder when I can.

Viva Raw
H.H. (Asheville, US)
Happy Pup

We are using Viva as a add in to his regular food currently. I have been so please with some of the benefits we have already seen in our dog. I am also very impressed with the Viva customer service and access to information that helped us newbies not feel inadequate or nervous while adding raw into our pets diet.

Viva Raw
K.K. (Thousand Oaks, US)
One out of two cats likes

Only my boy will eat this, my girl turned her nose up at it. The only problem is, he will only eat it freshly thawed, after a day or two in the fridge, he doesn’t care for it as much. Because of this I waste half the pack. I would love it if they offered smaller batches so it didn’t go to waste. Not sure if I’ll continue buying because it’s way too expensive to waste that much.

Viva Raw
J.H. (River Ridge, US)
2 of my 4 love it

I tried a different raw cat food a couple of years ago. At the time, neither my orange princess nor my other two girls would touch it. I finally gave up and gave everything away...

I lost my orange princess last year and brought home two younger girls a few months later. My new greybie begs for her Viva breakfast each morning, and occasionally shares with her senior calico sister. Zero issues transitioning to this raw food.

Viva Raw
B.K. (Seattle, US)

My Kona is a 5 year old Newfoundland-poodle mix and she’s always been super energetic but since switching from kibble to Viva Raw, she has the energy of a puppy and is able to run for miles while I fat tire bike in the snow in Alaska. I was referred to Viva Raw and “The Forever Dog” book by Theresa at Classic Heritage Golden Retrievers where I am picking up my 14 week old puppy Juneau in 3 weeks. Juneau is already added to Kona’s plan and although the cost of shipping Viva Raw to Alaska is expensive, it’s worth every penny!