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Viva Raw
M.L. (Tooele, US)

I'm really happy with this brand. I tried a different raw cat food brand and wasn't pleased so I'm glad I tried again. My cats absolutely love it and so far have always finished their food so I'm not throwing cat food away anymore. I really like the shipping policies with this company and the website layout. I love that I don't have to do subscription but it is an option.
I do wish they had a calorie per ounce so I could calculate how much the cats eat per day including treats. Overall I'm really happy with this brand!

Viva Raw
A.V. (San Diego, US)

Dog ate it right up. This food really pulled through it gave my dog so much energy and shes 13!! My dog loves the variety and eats alll the chunks. Shes been on kibble her whole life and im glad she got some real food. And now she will do many tricks for her food. Im glad i got it for her.

Viva Raw
J.T. (Idaho Falls, US)
Better than the best

After 10 years of buying another prominent raw brand we had to make a change due to transit and storage issues with local stores. The issues caused in and out GI upset and an ER visit after eating bad product. Viva has been better for our dog than the previous brand which I held as the best! His stools are consistently solid, he loves it, and it checks all the boxes on formulation, production and sourcing for me! Ordering is easy, I have full faith in the product arriving frozen and they have a great system set up to update arrival of your product!

Viva Raw
C.A. (Altamonte Springs, US)
Great company

I am so pleased w/everyone at viva that continually helps me w/?
I’m new to raw feeding

My dog loves the food & his allergies have so improved / he is not licking incessantly anymore

Viva Raw
J. (Raleigh, US)
Clean bowl NOT guaranteed

I was a first time customer and unfortunately won’t be ordering from Viva again. My dog normally eats raw venison, so we were excited to try the venison and emu. I mixed in small portions of the Viva food with his raw venison he normally eats. He would eat everything but the Viva food! I emailed asking if I could return the food because I saw on their website they have a “clean bowl” guarantee, but apparently that is a lie. They suggested I COOK the food to entice my dog to eat it. No thanks!

Viva Raw
N.P. (Los Angeles, US)

Definitely love how much my cats enjoying the raw food

Just some quick tips:
Move the raw food into airtight containers don’t be dumb like me leaving it open in the fridge and letting it oxidize and throwing a bunch away
Definitely measure how much you’re giving my cat sometimes would leave leftovers if I have too much and ended up having to throw it away definitely better to give less more frequently than too much at once

Also if anybody else is struggling with pebbly poops like my cat on a dry and mix diet of canned wet food. The raw food helped tremendously with his water/moisture intake and his poops have been better

Viva Raw
A.M. (Cicero, US)
Kitten approved

I have a 22 weeks kitten who transitioned very well into raw food. She really likes all recipes. She devoured all of them!

Viva Raw
F.G. (Tampa, US)
Picky cat approved

First time trying raw and my picky cats loves it ! I’ve mixing it up with regular food but now he’s eating 90% VIVA raw. Just got my second order.

Viva Raw
U. (Lynbrook, US)
Finally someone who knows cat nutrition!

Finally a company knows that cats are obligate carnivores and don’t need much vegetable and carbs in their diet like dogs do. Hope you guys make small chunks version too for cats as my spoiled cats aren’t crazy about the ground meat. Ground meat is very densely packed so it’s a bit dry and hard to spread out and must add more water to heat up. But overall I love it and will come back for more. Waiting for the chunky version!!

Viva Raw
A.B. (Winter Springs, US)
My cats won’t eat it.

Unfortunately, my younger cat wouldn’t touch it and my older cat tried it and threw up everywhere afterwards. I might try giving them more with their regular food eventually, but I’m very disappointed given how much I bought. A waste of money cause I have so much in my freezer and my cats hate it.

Viva Raw
E.O. (Omaha, US)
Amazing Raw Food

I am not new to raw food. We have tried 3-4 different complete diet formulas, experimented with creating our own balanced blend at the beginning mixing kibble with raw! Additionally my dog is not fussy and has no allergies. Viva Raw is by far my dog’s favorite. He is excited about his meals and wants to lick the wrapper and double cleans his bowl. His stools are fantastic. We’ve had either loose stools with some blends or hard stools with other blends. With Viva raw no matter what the blend everything is consistent with a dog who is raw fed. Another thing I have noticed is the food has no offensive order when we open it. Some raw food can smell funny even though it is not spoiled. And did I mention the 1lb packages. I’ve dealt plenty with 2 lb chubs defrosting first, then refreezing again in smaller servings. Ugh I hate it! I’m currently on a month long RV trip carrying a months worth of food for my 20 lb dog. It has been so simple compared to other brands I have used when doing a similar length trip. My dog is a sheltie mix who has been fed a raw diet most of his life. He!s currently 12 and thriving. I plan on continuing using Viva raw. It’s great food!!

Viva Raw
H.R. (Butler, US)
Pretty good!

I wish my cats liked the food as much as I do. That said, the product is clean, well-packaged & shipped, and the price is very reasonable! The two issues for my cats are: no texture/chunks (as this cat food is ground), and, it has no stinky aroma (!). So, I wish this wonderful product was more 'interesting' to my cats. In the past, I made their raw food from scratch, and they loved it! It was labor intensive but I cut up chicken into 3/4" chunks, and ground whole small prey and made combinations with egg yolk, probiotics, and liver. I am scaling back my orders because now only 1 cat is eating the VIVA raw, while the rest prefer canned food because of the smell. Too bad, because this is an excellent product! :(

Viva Raw
C.M. (Shohola, US)
We're Most Grateful!

What an all around beautiful company that provides beyond quality eats with such care in every direction - we wish your team such great health in return! We had the fantastic opportunity to jump in on the emu recipe and the healing it provided our fam. is a simple but BIG moment - looking forward to the other recipes too, thank you!

Viva Raw
C.B. (Savannah, US)

I am very pleased with Viva. My cats just don’t like any of the food choices other than rabbit. But my dogs like everything and thus I am feeding my dogs the food my cats don’t like.
The food came within two days and was frozen when it arrived. The company is very responsive to questions and I will buy from them again.
It’s very convenient to have premade cat and dog food available.
I have absolutely no complaints about this company.

Viva Raw
D.A. (East Otto, US)
Loves her puppy recipe

She loves her viva raw. Eats it up in no time.

Viva Raw
E.T. (Shoemakersville, US)
Clean Bowl Club

My pups love this stuff! They never hesitate to eat it and there’s always a puddle of drool at my feet while I’m preparing it. I love how easily the packages open, the variety of proteins this company offers, that I can get one shipment for the whole month, and how open and honest they are about their production and ingredients.
If you want your dogs to join the Clean Bowl Club, I highly recommend placing an order!

Viva Raw
L. (Rising Sun, US)
Great Food

My puppy loves Viva food. He gobbles up every variety he has tried. I feel good knowing he is eating a quality food that is species-appropriate.

Viva Raw
D.A. (Cincinnati, US)
2 paws up

I initially tried Viva Raw for my 13 year old whippet, Bindi, who has been a picky eater since I adopted her at 6 years old. As with every food, she loved it at first, then refused to eat it. However, my 14 year old beagle, Etta, who has severe stomach/vomiting issues(so I was hesitant to switch her) absolutely loves it, and has not had any vomiting issues since starting Viva Raw. Yayyyyy! Bindi, after countless unsuccessful efforts to get her to eat it, finally has come around. She just prefers it gently cooked. I feel better feeding them a fresh diet, and Viva Raw scores high marks!

Viva Raw
T.C. (Gilroy, US)
Quality is Everything

If I had time and energy I'd be making my own healthy cat food, but Viva has solved this major dilemma for me. It's the first raw cat food company I've felt I can trust to provide the necessary ingredients for my cats' health, but that efforts to source their meat from regenerative farms and ranches as well. As someone who organizes regenerative land management workshops in my own community, it is extremely important to me to support people who are helping to save the planet while feeding their people and animals.

In my own situation, I currently have two cats. One will eat anything and eats all Viva samples. The other is addicted to RC hydrolyzed protein dry food. I am slowly introducing wet food, as he will eat it, back into his diet, and hope to get him liking Viva as well in the future. I know how much good nutrition has improved my own health. I'm hoping this switch to a diet that cats have evolved over millennia to eat helps their health issues as well.

Viva Raw
S.Y. (Ojai, US)
Absolutely the best, thank you!

I had been making raw cat food for a couple of years, and both of my cats have never once eaten as enthusiastically as when I presented them Viva Raw! No transitioning needed, both immediately ate up their entire plates and licked them clean. I don’t think that beef is appropriate for cats, I feed them rabbit, duck, turkey and chicken, and they love everything. I love the time saved and don’t miss the anxiety over whether I’m making the right, healthy food, so we will never go back! (I’m doing an emergency stash of Mouser canned food, so occasionally they get some of that, or when I need to feed them a meal in the automatic feeders). Some people have asked about smaller portioning. I actually LOVE that there’s so much less waste and easily portion myself:
I put a 2 pound package in the fridge for 2-3 hours to soften a bit, then cut it into 8 equal looking pieces and put them in small plastic containers and back in the fridge; this takes only five minutes total! (These hold 8-10 oz of room temp, about 4 oz frozen, but I already have a lot of them, so I just defrost two at a time, you could use larger ones for multiple cat households) Hope this helps! Thank you, thank you Viva Raw!

Viva Raw
F. (Seattle, US)
Instant Fan!

I ordered Viva for the first time over the weekend. I received my box on Wednesday, and everything was packed well and fully frozen.
All of the meat looked freshly made. When I thawed it to portion and refreeze, I could tell it was great quality (I used to make my own raw cat food and I am VERY picky).
I've included a picture to show the difference between the color of Viva's product vs another purchase I made over the weekend. We have a great local store that carries some awesome products, including from small businesses; imo, the product in the picture is the best of the raw food options I saw there. The color of Viva's meat is pink and fresh looking, while the other brand looks old (it also smells old :{ ).
Viva's is also the only rabbit product my older cat has ever been willing to eat! I am so grateful for this because he has a poultry & beef allergy and it's hard to find "exotic" meat at an affordable price.
Affordability is also a huge factor! Viva's is very reasonably priced for the quality of the product.
It's a clear winner, especially when compared to other brands, and I'm so thankful this company exists. Thank you, Viva!

Viva Raw
O.M. (Raleigh, US)

I’m sooo glad we found this company!! Paws of Prey YouTube channel got us here. We’ve been feeding Smallbatch and bones and co rotating and we’ve loved them, but Viva is definitely our new favorite. Comparing cost, some proteins are slightly more expensive than we are used to but definitely worth it!! Comparing the foods side-by-side and looking at nutrient content, Viva is definitely the winner in my opinion. We may still rotate through some other brands just to give more diversity but the convenience of having this shipped to our home (not to mention, the delivery driver left it in front of our mud room door, in direct sunlight for many hours before we got home-and the food was STILL FROZEN!! Absolutely wonderful) definitely gives this company a leg up, as if their ingredients and quality wasn’t enough to convince us! But really, looking at the foods side-by-side, there is such a huge difference. And the CHUNKED option?! Brilliant!! Absolutely love it. We love everything about this company and will 1000% happily and proudly support them with our 3 dogs and cat! Thank you to everyone behind the scenes at Viva for making this incredible food!!

Viva Raw
A.C. (Dallas, US)
He's loving it!

Just finished a beef pack and he is super excited about next meal time, excited to try the duck and rabbit.

Viva Raw
M.A. (Portland, US)
Very happy!

I was giving my two cats We Feed Raw for a couple of years and they loved it until WFR changed supplements in the food. Both of them refused to eat it. For over two years, I was trying to get a good quality food for them, but they wouldn’t like them. Tried Darwin and a couple of local raw foods. They were mainly eating good quality kibble( I don’t think any kibble is good quality though) and some chicken liver as snack. It was the day one of my cat hospitalized for bladder stone and surgery that I was determined to find a good raw food for them. I am grateful to the person who mentioned Viva Raw in her comment under a YouTube video. One of my cats fell in love with food immediately. It was love at first sniff. I knew it meant this was a good quality food. The one who had surgery and was throwing up other foods frequently and is pickier would not eat the food initially. I had to be very patient with him and used different tricks and I am happy to say after a couple of weeks or so he is now eating the food and loves it. I have given them chicken and rabbit and just added Turkey to their subscription. Thank you Viva Raw team.

Viva Raw
A. (Conover, US)
We love Viva Raw

So far we have had a great experience with Viva Raw and continue to reorder their meats. My boys love it and I love the honesty and transparency of the company. They are very responsive and helpful.