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Viva Raw
Doggone Delicious and a Hit in Our House!

I have been feeding my dogs a raw diet since 2012 and over the years have tried a variety of different protein sources to balance their diet which is so important. We have recently been sampling the Viva variety packs in both the ground and chunked versions and I must say my two Australian Shepherds love what they've tried so far. The ground rabbit was so red and fresh-looking. It looked lean and delicious. When Gunner & Colt (pictured) ate it for breakfast they did the "zoomies" afterward - a ritual reserved for their favorite things that get them excited. Next, we tried the chunked beef. You could see the chunks of organ meat blended in the mix and the chunks gave them more to savor and taste. They ate it so fast I couldn't even get a picture. In addition to the dogs loving Viva Raw, their poop consistency is great (and less) on Viva Raw which is always a good sign of a great product. They have a nice variety of single protein recipes (rabbit and duck are often harder to find) and it's made in the USA. Our order arrived super-fast, packaged with a special liner and dry ice, and was solid frozen when I opened the box. Their customer service is as great as their product - very responsive and professional. Viva Raw is a hit in our house!

Viva Raw
Top raw food for healthy long-lived pets

I breed and show Golden Retrievers and am a longtime raw feeder. My boys Duff & Teddy are in the Show Dog Hall of Fame and my four girls are gorgeous and healthy, too. Thick shiny coats, no skin problems, small not-too-smelly poops, bright eyes and long-lived: What more could you ask for?! Fourteen year old Maxie just developed cancer, had a foreleg amputated and is undergoing chemo. I really appreciate VivaRawPets’ prey model rabbit and duck for her. Some other raws and most kibbles contain a lot of carbs (cheap fillers) that feed cancer. Maxie is doing well and we hope to have her many more years even though she’s already well past the average lifespan for a Golden.

Viva Raw

We ordered 20 lbs and it arrived less than a week after ordering! Shipping was fast and food arrived solid frozen. The quality of the meat has been fantastic so far. We are looking forward to ordering more in the future!

Very Impressed

As someone with 10 dogs, I'm always looking for sources of quality raw food to keep my guys fed. I found Viva Raw on a FB group and decided to give it a try. Order fulfillment was prompt, the dogs loved the food and it was reasonably priced. I do plan to order again and look forward to the continued growth of this company.

Viva Raw
Long time raw feeder impressed!

I’ve been raw feeding for several years now and it takes a lot for a premade raw to impress me.

With no mess, convenient shipping, and a gold price point Viva Raw has!

But it’s not my review you’re looking for! My dogs LOVE it. They have been gobbling it up. And with human grade ingredients and proper portions I feel good about letting them!

Dogs loved the food

Dogs Loved the food. Fast shipping, arrived as promised, you could tell the meat was fresh and Love the fact that it's shipped directly to my house!
Great product!
Here are my dogs. Sriracha (Newf) Yannigan (Bernese)

Viva Raw
My cats LOVE Viva Raw!!!

My cats and I love, love, LOVE this product! I had been buying a different commercial brand at my local pet store and it just looks... well blah. Viva Raw looks fresh and like something I am proud and happy to serve my pets. I appreciate that they ship in small quantities so I’m not obligated to fill a huge box I can’t store that much anyway. In order to buy from these other places I must find other people to split an order with me so that I can afford to fill a huge box. Viva doesn’t do that and will ship as little as 15 pounds. No problem. I love that they have single proteins in varieties my cats can eat. Some other companies mix proteins with some I choose not to serve my beef and pork. They are prompt in shipping and the product arrived rock hard frozen. Communication has been superb. The last time I tried to order the he website was being challenging on my phone but a direct call to the company solved the issue. I ordered direct over the phone and had a nice conversation with the owner. I will DEFINITELY be ordering again. Sorry not sorry about including 3 pics. Asking for pet pics is like asking to see baby pics. Twist my arm. 🤣😺

Viva Raw
High quality!

I like that I can see the chunks of bone, muscle and organ. It reassures me that the food is fresh when I can see these individual pieces. I like the packaging. The container stands on the counter on its own, is easy to reseal, and the plastic is thick enough so that bone can’t pierce it. It NEVER leaks! This is important since I store my dogs’ raw food in the refrigerator with our own food. I like the shipping container. The food comes well-protected so the contents don’t leak and the packages are still cold when I receive the order. Thank you Viva Raw for such great quality!

Viva Raw
Makes my life easier ( and less time in the kitchen)!

I have just received my second shipment of 2 bundle packs from VivaRaw, and am very pleased with their product.
I am a DIY’er and have been preparing meals ( she gets 2 lbs per day) for my GSD for 6 years.
Normally, I source my proteins from different places, have to search for a variety of organs, (none of which are easy to find, because she doesn’t eat chicken meat or organs,) and the only bone I’m able to find easily are Turkey necks and beef or deer ribs.
Now, I can just add my vegetable, fruit and dairy to these mixes to make complete meals, so my prep time has been cut in half! Plus I know I am getting the correct proportions of muscle meat, organ and bone in each meal, and that’s comforting.
Her poops are good, coat is shiny, and she’s a healthy, happy 8 yr. dog.
She especially likes the chunked, rather than ground option. She told me so.
I am very happy with VivaRaw, and highly recommend it to dog owners who already feed raw, or want to start.

Viva Raw
Quality and Support

Good quality food, much higher quality than the Titan junk food people feed their pups. Customer service is excellent. My reputation is important to me and I only refer businesses that I trust and tested myself successfully. I do not hesitate to refer Viva.

Viva Raw

I have been feeding raw for a few months. My dog Wendy had been itching, so I ran a sensitivity profile in her and found she is sensitive to most proteins. Rabbit is ok, so I found VivaRaw. Received her shipment a couple of weeks ago, and she enjoys it immensely. Because it’s straight rabbit I’m mixing it with a raw pre-mix. Love the consistency and packaging, so may try some of the other proteins for the rest of the gang. I breed and show English Cocker Spaniels, and good health and shiny coat is important. I’m also impressed with the personal interest and care that Zach has shown. I’ll definitely order again

Viva Raw

Great product and company! Fast shipping. My pup has never looked better since starting raw and since starting a new job, Viva's premade has made my life so much simpler. No more meal prepping! Everyone is happy.

Viva Raw
Awesome product and service.

Our 3 month Presa Canario, Chacho, couldnt be happier with the beef mix. Easy for us and great for him. Will be buying again!

Great job

I recently saw that Viva was a new company selling ground raw for pets. I always like to try new companies. The company had a trial box. When the package was delivered I opened the box and found the food was packed wonderfully. The packages were also done well and made easy to use. My dogs loved the food, the variety was good. I’ve been feeding my pups for about 14 or 15 years raw and have also made my own. The company has done a great job and would not hesitate to order again. Great new company hope there around for a long time.

Viva Raw
Definitely Buying Again

Viva Raw has been a pleasure to work with. Their communication is amazing and my cats go nuts for their product. I look forward to seeing where their business goes and continuing to feed my cats their products!

Viva Raw
So convenient & stellar quality!

These PMR grinds are a life-saver during the busy week! I love the transparency of the company and the quality of the food. Definitely a new staple in our freezers!

The Best Online Resource for your Raw Fed Family!

As someone with a rather large pet family, I so appreciate finding an affordable raw food company that I can actually feel good about supporting. Our rescue reptiles, cats, dogs, and ferrets adore Viva’s unique mixes (grinds or, unique to the raw feeding scene, chunks!) and I’m sure your carnivores or omnivores will too. Some picky monitor lizards have a rough time eating grinds, but with Viva’s chunk recipes you can feed a balanced meal- without dealing with whole prey for that feeding, wich is very helpful for recovering animals and wildlife rehabilitation.
Ferrets are notoriously hard to transition to raw, but we had immediate success transitioning kibble fed ferrets to raw on the first try, and I think what enticed them to try was both the texture and quality of Viva’s recipes. The product looks and smells good, seriously!
I’m really pleased, because we’ve struggled with other online retailers in the past, especially when it comes to packaging. VR’s packages do not leak when thawed which saves me a ton of cleanup time I could be spending on caring for the animals. What’s more; Viva is responsible with sourcing, care greatly about their product, and have excellent customer service. Thanks Viva, cheers from our Zoo to yours 🐾

Viva Raw
Our new favorite

My 5 month old shiba has been eating raw food since he first came home at 9 weeks. He liked the bigger brands like Stella and Chewys but Viva Raw is a game changer. I ordered chunked beef and he is absolutely loving it, he likes to pull, chomp and gulp, his breath is not smelly at all and he’s so strong and muscular. No picky eaters in this house!

Viva Raw
Excellent company with bright future!

Recently switched to Viva raw from another popular raw company and I have to say these guys are awesome! The boxes showed up in great condition and all the packs were 100% frozen. The 2lb bag packaging is super convenient! I have a cane corso so she eats about 3 lbs of raw food per day and the reasonable pricing this company offers definitely helps immensely!

Viva Raw
Great Product!!

Ordered 2 Variety Packs and extra Ground Rabbit. Arrived quickly and in an insulated box. Loved the product and the easy to use heavy duty zip loc type packaging. Will definitely be ordering again. Would love to see more variety of proteins- vension, lamb, goat, etc. The 5 varieties of protein they carry are beef, duck, chicken, turkey and rabbit. Customer service also quickly responded to a question I had and was very informative. Can't go wrong ordering from this company!

Viva Raw
Variety packs.

Recently purchased 2 of the variety packs. Excellent product and packaging. My order arrived quickly and packaged in an insulated box. The food was completely frozen. My dogs love it! Thank you for the excellent customers service and prompt answers. 😀

Viva Raw
Love of our pets life.

Our animal really likes the rabbit cage and we will eat the chicken but really loves the rabbit mix.


Our puppies loved the variety pack. It helped figure out which protein they liked. The product is amazing.

Viva Raw

I received my order of all the different proteins and a few different gnaws and my golden LOVES all of it! The quality of the meat is amazing too which is so important to me. I can tell these two really care about the quality of their products as well as the health benefits to all the animals who are receiving them! If you’re deciding on whether or not to buy from them, do! Also my package arrived rock solid frozen, and within 36 hours I believe! Maybe even shorter. Great expert

Viva Raw
My GSDs thank Viva Raw for their delicious food!

I've been feeding raw since 2002. Finding fresh and good quality rabbit has not been easy. Delivery was fast and very convenient because it gets delivered right to our house. Zevah, Raven and Sadie loved the ground rabbit. We are looking forward to ordering more in the future. Thank you.