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Viva Raw
L.Z. (Aurora, US)
Our boys are thriving!

Our little Chewi was suffering from hair loss and his butt was almost completely bare. After starting him on Viva Raw I’m happy to report his coat is coming back and he’s the fluffiest he’s ever been. The best part is his butt is no longer naked! What a difference your complete ground beef has made for my two poms. Thank you Viva!

Viva Raw
J.H. (Bryn Mawr, US)
Smiley loves Viva Raw!

I just received my first order from Viva of 20 lbs of pure rabbit and my Scottie, Smiley, loves it. I have been feeding raw for years but was having trouble finding raw 'wabbit' (a la Elmer Fudd!) when I saw Dr. Judy Morgan's recommendation for Viva Raw so decided to place an order. I'm so glad I did. It arrived in Pa. on a blisteringly hot day solidly frozen. Thank you Viva. I'll be ordering again for sure. Do you ever sell green tripe? That's one of Smiley's favorites.

Viva Raw
L.L. (Cedar City, US)
Yum Yum

Jack, an active, funny mixed-terrier, literally sings for his super now.
He sits patiently singing some opera aria as I dish up his lovely VivaRaw Complete meal.
He actually eats slower and savors every bite.
We are fans!

Viva Raw
K.F. (Fernley, US)

Wow! My pups love this stuff! I have been feeding them with mostly carnivore but wanted to make sure I was giving them the best nutrition possible and this is what I used and loved .. I feel confident in this amazing brand to give my pups the Ultimate nutrition they need.. thanks guys! Also amazing customer service!

Viva Raw
W.A. (Margate, US)
The best dog food

It is a week so far with ViVa raw and my dog has more energy, she was also suffering from hot spots and everything is looking way better. She is a very picky girl and with this food she eats it all.

Viva Raw
J. (Lewiston, US)
Duck & Rabbit

We have only fed them for 3 day's so far things are good. I really like the packaging & how fast we got our order.

Viva Raw
J.K. (Chesterton, US)
So happy

I discovered your business during the free shipping weekend and after reading everything about the food, I decided to give it try. Our girl has been on raw since she was a puppy, so it raw isn’t anything new. What is new is just how pleased we are with the quality of your food. We will be customers for life!!

Viva Raw
D.J. (Centreville, US)
My Golden Retriever puppy loves it!

Now on my 3rd Golden, quality food is #1 priority. Viva Raw is the cleanest freshest raw food I’ve tried yet. Arrived totally frozen. Customer service was excellent. I will continue to be a customer! Thank you!🐾🐾

Viva Raw
T.S. (Roebuck, US)
Our king Charles cavaliers loved Viva Raw😍

We purchased the beef chicken turkey and rabbit grounded. Of course anytime trying any new feed they are going to be finicky like ours were. The only reason I gave it four stars is because they did not like the rabbit kind at all I had to mix a little bit of warm coconut all in all for for them to enjoy it the best😊 I am very happy to know that the ingredients are pure and clean so I would give a 4.5 or five and recommend to everyone

Viva Raw
C. (Bemidji, US)
Wonderful product and company

I placed my first order to Viva Raw a few weeks ago. I couldn’t be more impressed. The customer service was wonderful & the product (pure Rabbit) arrived still totally frozen. The meat is great quality - the bone is ground so fine you can’t even really see it, the meat was nice and lean. My dog loves it. I am very pleased with this company and product.

Viva Raw
J.H. (La Puente, US)
viva las viva raw!

Ever since I came across Viva raw about 2 years ago, they only shipped to nearby states from their facility based in North Carolina. I dreamt of the day for them to come to the west coast...Finally, my prayers had been answered.

My dog, Orsa, absolutely loves her viva meals! As a DIY raw feeder for about 4 years now, Orsa has never looked at my meals the way she looks at viva's! I love that they offer 'chunked' and 'ground' options! Definitely looking forward to the years of feeding Orsa viva! (-:

Also, the fact that Orsa's order arrived completely frozen through the LA heat is just excellent!

thank you to the entire Vivaraw team!!!!

Viva Raw
H.S. (Portland, US)

Super happy viva got warehouse on the west coast. It was mailed out and showed up fast and completely frozen soild. My cats enjoying this. I'm happy to find this company. I've avoided ordering raw online because cost of raw plus high shipping cost. I found a raw store in my city however they don't have enough options for cats.

Viva Raw
R.A.D.G. (Newberg, US)
Great Quality

I REALLY like this food! Now that shipping is more affordable on the West Coast, I definitely plan to add it in to my rotation. I ordered the Complete Variety Pack and one pack of the pure rabbit. So far, we’ve only tried the chicken, but you can really tell the quality of the food. Love the simple ingredients, it smells good and the pups love it! Thank you for this great food!

Viva Raw
@thecunningshiba (Palo Alto, US)
Thrilled about chunked raw

We have been waiting to have chunked raw options for furever. I've been feeding raw for years and have noticed that texture is very important for some picky dogs. We are thrilled to finally have VivaRaw deliver to the west coast from their new warehouse location. We ordered thirty pounds total of all currently offered proteins except for chicken. Everything arrived packed well and frozen solid as a rock. The meat looked very red/fresh—Needless to say, I’ve referred/mentioned them to several other raw feeders already. The Pure is a great option if you’d like to DIY supplements, and Complete helps streamline your day if you’ve forgotten to prep homemade.

I understand running a small business is hard, especially when adding more inventory, but I am hoping they bring back elk, venison and other raw meaty bones like duck feet.

I would love to also suggest other novel proteins as well as organ blends to help supplement those who occasionally feed homemade like I do. Looking forward to ordering more and hoping for more items!

Viva Raw
J. (Birmingham, US)
Happy dog!

Scout has been on Viva raw pure grind (duck) for the past week. He is doing a short period of an elimination diet, and we chose duck as his novel protein to help identify some food sensitivities (if any) due to some intense and persistent itching he has had since a young puppy. He LOVES it, and so do I! thank you so much for your high standards and care!

Viva Raw
C.C. (Carlisle, US)
First time trying a raw diet

I’ve been debating about a raw diet for some time, I have been feeding A refrigerated food for a long time, it was only a little bit more to go raw. Viva is my first. I have 3 dogs, the largest is 100 pounds, and diabetic. He was getting 19 1/2 units of insulin, until his first 2 meals of Viva. Because of the better ingredients, I have reduced insulin to 18 units, with close monitoring of course. I bought the chunky, and my 2 littles weren’t thrilled with the big pieces, so my second order is for the ground. Soon all 3 will be on an affordable raw diet, and I am thrilled

Viva Raw
L.M. (Chicago, US)
They love their food

My 2 cats absolutely love their raw food. There was no transition phase with them. From the first time they tried it, they no longer wanted to eat their Smalls cat food lol. They go crazy when they hear me getting their food bowls ready. I think I’m gonna have to buy one of my cats a slow feeder bowl cause he eats his food so darn fast now. My cats used to graze before starting them on this raw food so I was a bit worried cause I know raw meat can’t stay out for hours but this has not been an issue; they both finish their food in less than 10 minutes now. I also like how easy and mess-free it is to open the meat packages. I’ll give 5 star rating once there’s an option for subscription with free delivery like other pet food subscription companies have. I’ll be buying 15 Pure packages a month, and that should justify free delivery. Hopefully there will be more meat options besides the 5 already being sold.

Viva Raw
G.D. (Durham, US)
Loving ground beef, and chunked turkey and duck....and found perfectly sized containers

Our fridge gets packed when I cook over the weekend and space is at a premium. This was one of the reasons we switched to Viva. The compact blocks save us freezer space as well.

Found the perfectly sized containers for thawing and storage. With 2x 60 ish lb dogs (they get just shy of 1lbs a day on average each) we keep one being served, a ground for stuffing kongs and a spare thawing most days. Ello Duraglass light blue size is perfect and saves so much room being a good it. Every so often the Viva block is a little wonky and we have to wait for a little thawing, but pops closed the next morning.

Thanks gain for the great packaging!

Viva Raw
J.B. (Portland, US)
Love this food!

I used Darwins for years, but I decided to try Viva Raw for my three cats.
I LOVE the packaging, I love that it’s two pounds per pack, and all my cats love the food.
The packaging and size is way better than Darwins.
Ordering and shipping was seamless from Viva!
I’ll keep ordering for sure!

Viva Raw

I ordered the Complete variety pack as well as the Pure rabbit and am very glad I did. My Chinese Crested is a picky boy and has turned his nose up at other raw brands but absolutely loves Viva Raw! We’ll be ordering again soon!

Viva Raw
C.M. (Doylestown, US)
Saving time with Viva Raw!

I use to spend about 4+ hours a month meal prepping for my girl, not including going out to the store get all I needed. No more! Viva gets sent right to my door and I know that I am paying for quality, I’m not questioning the sources of the standard meats I get at the store. I recently got my dog on the “complete” meats, and wow what a difference. I save so much time not having to worry about if I’m fulfilling any nutritional gaps, and I can tell my dog truly loves it. Like many other owners, I was a bit nervous getting her on new food (my dog is SOO sensitive) but no, she transitioned without a flaw. Thank you Viva for making your options so customizable and easy, finding you guys has saved me from a few headaches, and my dog is happier in return!

Viva Raw
D.S. (Prospect, US)
Very impressed

The dogs love it it. The quality of the food looks amazing. This saves me a lot of time and work from DIY. Have tried many companies, very happy so far with Viva! Keep up the good work for our fur kidz!

Viva Raw
k.n. (Oviedo, US)
Great food

My dog loves the food and the "Complete" makes me feel better than the straight raw. Was using Raw Miami. Think this product is better. Only one complaint. They sent me a free shipping coupon two days right AFTER I ordered. What's up with that?

Viva Raw
R.G. (Birmingham, US)
He LOVES it!

Got my first shipment of Viva last week. Was a little nervous about trying something new because I have a finicky 13YO Border Collie who sometimes eats and sometimes notsomuch. He loved it! Not just the first time, but every time since. I mix it with a base and he licks the bowl clean. Every. Single. Time.

Viva Raw
S.C. (Corpus Christi, US)
Sirius loves it!!

I was originally DIYing my boys raw which never lasted the month, cost double and took hours of my time with meal prepping. With viva raw everything comes conveniently packaged and the mixes are great for the price. Me and my boy love it and it’s been great for us!