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Viva Raw
D.A. (Collegeville, US)
They make it easy for us

I love the frozen prepackaged one pound packages for my cats. So convenient!!! It really only needs a day in the fridge to thaw enough for handling. It’s nice that it’s premixed and my cats love it!!

I wish the package was pre scored or marked indicating ounces (like butter sticks have tablespoon markings,) this way people who don’t have scales could easily know how much they are feeding.

One other thing I would love to see this company consider, and that would be to offer lower phosphorus options for CKD pets.

Viva Raw
So easy!

Viva has made it so easy to transition my cat to raw! I had always been a little intimidated by it until I found Viva! I love the packaging- it’s cute, fits easily in the freezer, and is easy to cut into 2 ounce portions. Since I only have 1 cat, I portion into glass baby food jars I found on Amazon and refreeze the jars so I’m only de thawing what my cat will eat the next day. My orders have come quickly and fully frozen. I like that I can buy a variety of proteins to rotate through. I also like how whole food sources are mainly used for balancing the food. I have since tried raw from other companies and realized how much better quality Viva is :)

Viva Raw
A.D. (Yucaipa, US)
My dog got worms

Followed instructions to a T and my dog ended up with worms and vomited out and pooped out! My dog did not have worms prior.

Viva Raw
M.S. (Katy, US)
My kitty didn’t care for it

Wish they had a smaller trial than 5 lbs. My cat refused to eat any of the flavors except the cow and only after I cooked it in a pan, which defeats the purpose of feeding raw. Waste of money for me :(

Viva Raw
M.P. (Las Vegas, US)
my kitties love raw

healthy stool and coat! love vivaraw

Viva Raw
G.S. (Minneapolis, US)
Happy fur baby appy mommy

Sometimes my fur baby wants something crunchy. The dehydration works wonders! It retains all the nutrients and flavors. He loves it more dehydrated compared to gently boiled.

Viva Raw
D.R. (Puyallup, US)
Improve the packaging!

Love it! Healthy and simply amazing ingredients. Wish the packaging was easier to handle tho. 8oz packages would simply be amazing! Hard to get out all the food from a 16oz pac.

Viva Raw
J.D. (Kannapolis, US)
Kitty loves viva

My kitty loves viva. For a young kitten she eats it very well. She just loves it. I have given her chicken so far but I am sure she will love the other varieties of viva too.

Viva Raw
C.E. (Chicago, US)

I ordered based on a recommendation, and told a rescue to try it out so they could partner with you. My order was over $330 and shipped without notice. It was delivered without notice. It arrived an hour after we went out of town, so it sat outside for 30 hours until I asked where it was. It's been over a week and I still have no answer from you other than you're 'looking into it'. For the price of your food I cannot believe the customer service and shipping service. I want to be a loyal new customer but that's unacceptable. Raw food should be sent WITH a shipping/tracking message.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience due to the technical issue that had affected your order's delivery details from sending. After investigating the situation, we confirmed that this was an isolated glitch that prevented the tracking information from being sent out. We take full responsibility for this oversight and are taking steps to ensure it does not happen again!

We value your feedback and appreciate your patience as we addressed this issue. We do not anticipate this happening again in the future.

Viva Raw
L. (Yukon, US)
Kitties Love Viva

My kitties love the chicken...it's the only protein they've tried so far, but I look forward to having them try the other ones as well. It's great quality food, in really great packaging to ensure it's delivered still frozen. My fur babies are always begging for more once they finish licking their bowls clean. Thanks Viva for a great quality product.

Viva Raw
M.L. (Berwyn, US)
My Cat won’t eat

I tried viva raw because I subscribe to another cat food delivery and thought that viva might be comparable. Well not so much. I tried mixing viva w his other food, I tried cooking it like they recommend and just about every way to get my cat to eat. He’s not having it. He smells the viva raw in there and wants nothing to do with it. Even if I dress it up w his favorite treats. Nothing. I’m really bummed I wasted my money. And the money back guarantee that they offer about giving you your money back if the cat doesn’t like it and guarantee clean bowl… well I’ve brought up I want a refund after 2 weeks of trying to feed him viva and no success .even after their suggestions. I just want my money back. I tried it and he doesn’t like it

We are sorry to hear your kitty isn't a fan! We are more than happy to uphold our Clean Bowl Guarantee on first orders, and we kindly request that customers communicate their intent to utilize this guarantee, as we often receive inquiries solely seeking advice or tips. We apologize for any confusion in this regard.

We did go ahead and refund the order for you per your request. Thank you for giving us a try, and please do let us know if you have any questions!

Viva Raw
K.D. (Norwich, US)
Great food!!!

Not only do my dogs luv this food, but I love how easy the customer service is, the packaging is some of the easiest I’ve used.
Well labeled, easy to open.

Viva Raw
J.B. (Woodland Hills, US)
High quality pure rabbit, packaging needs work.

High quality raw rabbit, however some of the packages were not fully vacuum sealed, so a few packs came dried out but still frozen. Doesn’t seem safe for consumption, and for the price they should be properly sealed. That being said our pups loved it, and our older dogs skin/ear allergies are gone, so would recommend still.

We appreciate your honest feedback regarding our packaging! It is invaluable as we continually strive to improve our processes. We do check every single package prior to shipment, however, it would appear that some seal loss can occur during the rough handling of transit. Fortunately, this does not compromise the safety or quality of the meat itself.

We understand and respect your hesitation, and appreciate you checking with us. We are delighted that your pups have been loving it!

Viva Raw
R.B. (Washington, US)

9 days later I got my dogs meat hot and rancid. Sure they sent me a new one but that was it. You'd think they would try to do something more to make it right but no. They just offered to cancel my order

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by the thawed delivery. We rely on external carriers for shipping and, while we take every precaution to ensure the safe arrival of our orders, occasional issues such as this can unfortunately occur during transit.

We stand by our shipping guarantee, and as part of our commitment to your satisfaction, we promptly provided a replacement for your order. We regret if this solution did not fully meet your expectations.

We value your opinion and trust that you will give us another opportunity to serve you better in the future!

Viva Raw
K.R. (Avondale, US)
We love you Viva!

We’ve fed our mini schnauzer Viva brand since he came to us at 8 weeks old. He’s now almost a year old. We did an immediate transition from Purina (breeder’s choice) with zero tummy issues. We’ve tried almost every protein Viva carries, switching from one to another, again, no GI problems. Used the complete and balanced as well as the pure line. Chunked and ground. Quality is excellent and the grind is perfect for our 15 lb little guy. Delivery is always on schedule and fully frozen even in last summer’s hot weather. Staff is SO friendly and helpful when I’ve contacted them.

Some days I gently cook his food, and some days offer it raw at room temperature. He loves it all! We’ve used a technique Viva posted on Facebook to dehydrate Viva that’s been made into patties. I already dehydrate treats so this was a fantastic idea! I send the “Viva burgers” to doggy daycare for his meals. So easy!

As they suggest, we add other foods to his diet for variety, including kefir, goat milk, eggs, berries, other fruits and vegetables…pretty much anything healthy we’re eating. Ordering Viva has allowed me to relax about our pup’s nutrition, knowing he’s getting exactly what he needs. As a result, the family has had more time to get to know him as he became one of the best parts of our family. Win all around. Thanks Viva!

Viva Raw
R.M. (Prescott Valley, US)
Fan of Viva

My kitty is loving her raw food.
I definitely recommend this food.

Viva Raw
M.B.T. (Louisville, US)
Thank you Vivaraws

My puppies love their food and their allergy is under control and have their best coat.
I hope you always keep your quality and standards high!

Viva Raw
T.S. (Blanchard, US)

So far I have used the beef & chicken PURE recipes and both are very fresh and seem to be grade A quality meat. I have 3 dogs and all have not seemed to have any issues with the food! Even my dog with IBD, so that’s a huge plus. I’ll continue buying from VIVA so long as they keep the quality the same. Happy so far :)

Viva Raw
R.D. (St Louis, US)
Both Cats Love It

Our 1 year old cat and 6 month old kitten were fans from the very first bite. It's great to see how eager they are for their meals, and how content and satisfied they are after eating. Most of the commercial canned foods and kibbles we tried upset the little guy's stomach, but he does great with Viva chicken. I plan to introduce other proteins slowly, and I'm confident he'll continue to do well.

Viva Raw
T.N. (Reedville, US)
Yay Viva! Allergies be gone!!!!

Enos has been an extremely picky eater his entire life so unless it's human grade he wanted nothing to do with it. Was still experiencing food sensitivity with gentle cooked diets and to be honest not a lot of variety. Then we tried Viva both mine and Enos' world changed for the better. He's eager to eat, cleans his bowl at every meal, and is smiling again. After a few days the itchy paws and yeasty smelling ears subsided. He's more calm when resting due to no itching. I'm over the moon that my boy is happy, happy, happy again! Thank you Viva you're stuck with us now!!!!

Viva Raw
H.M. (Queens, US)
Noisy feeding time and clean bowls - THEY LOVE VIVA!!!

Oh my goodness - I cannot tell you how happy I am that my two fussy cats (who’ve always eaten raw) are loving their new Viva Beef!! The anticipation at feeding time when I’m preparing their meals, the intensity in which they eat it, and the shiny clean bowls - AMAZING!!! Absolutely love it - and I know the supplements in the food, on top of the excellent beef is so good for them. Thank you Viva!

Viva Raw
Jack-Elaine Martz (Ipswich, US)
So far, so good!

Just started feeding my two cats the duck after almost a year of canned prescription diet for IBDx2+diabetes+skin allergies.
The change in behavior, skin/fur quality, stool quality, and food consistency has been almost instantaneous. No more rancid, runny, bloody poops, no more bulging, swollen, stinky cans. We are playing like kittens again, have beautiful coats, and we are back to being excited/begging to eat again. Gives me hope that the boys health will be manageable for the long term.
Woohoo! Happy to support a small business in Cackalacky, too.

Viva Raw
W.H. (Sacramento, US)
Cat goes reclusive to rambunctious on Viva

I trialed Viva and cats loved it! There are so many brands advertising raw now and i have tried them, cats wont eat them! My cat was so quiet and shy before , now she is so frisky after she eats! Meats are delivered on a timely schedule too. Cant wait to trial a new meat. Thank you Viva

Viva Raw
B.S. (Tucson, US)
Difficult cat

I recently rescued a Savanah now she like the food. This review is more for the raw texture where it’s ground to a very fine somewhat gelatinous raw meat product that is both a bit wasteful in the container and packaging leaving residue behind and less than appealing compared to some other raw ground companies. Otherwise once she decided to eat it she liked it just fine for all types

Viva Raw
L.P. (Jupiter, US)
My picky kitty and her feral brothers love Viva!

I love the ingredients and they love to eat it, so happy I found Viva.