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viva. your food for life

chunked & ground
fresh dog & cat food

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viva. your food for life

chunked & ground
fresh dog & cat food

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viva. your food for life

chunked & ground
fresh dog & cat food

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viva. your food for life

chunked & ground
raw dog & cat food

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viva. your food for life

chunked & ground
raw dog & cat food

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quality sourcing1x1.png__PID:8485da7c-9de8-4c93-bea3-5ee96296fc9f

quality sourcing

we use USDA-inspected meat
because your pets deserve the best


whole food nutrition

Organic natural supplements
for maximum bioavailability

no antibiotics1x1.png__PID:a5f98485-da7c-4de8-ac93-3ea35ee96296

humanely-raised, no growth promotants


Quality feed & clean environments, not chemicals,
raise healthy and happy animals


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to find the perfect feeding
recommendation for your pets

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Raw Feeding For Health

What's the whole deal about kibble versus raw pet food? You don't feel your best eating processed foods and neither does your pet. Learn how your pet's health can benefit from a raw diet today. 

Why Raw?

Chunks to Chew

Yup, you're reading that right. We're proud to be one of the only raw pet companies that creates a chunked meal for your pet. Chunks not your thang? No worries, we have a ground option too.

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Delivered To Door

You've got places to go and patches of grass to sniff. We make it easy to get the best frozen, raw dog & cat food delivered right to your doorstep, speedy. And just wait till you see our flat-fee shipping rates.

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complete and balanced - d.png__PID:47a7886b-861c-427e-9526-a0691d41e4f8

complete & balanced

Formulated to AAFCO standards for dogs by certified nutritionists & industry experts

organic2 1x1.png__PID:70b24e5d-4307-40f1-9763-2356db596d56

whole food supplements

whole foods

Organic, natural foods are used to balance our recipes for maximum bioavailability & absorption


packed with superfoods

Green mussels and shiitake mushrooms elevate wellbeing beyond just meeting base nutrient levels

how it works

Golden Retriever happily waits for Viva meal

premium sourcing

We only source from humane-certified family farms to put the best quality in your bowls.


personalized plans

Choose from 5 single protein recipes. Subscribe for convenience or try a one-time order!


healthier bowls, delivered

Your order arrives frozen to your doorstep in eco-friendly coolers. Just thaw & serve for happy pets!

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Our Clean Bowl Guarantee: We'll cover any recipe your pet doesn't eat on your first order!

meals that vets choose for their own pets ūüíú

meals that vets choose
for their own pets ūüíú

Dr. Judy Morgan 

Our dogs love Viva! The quality of the food is amazing, from research to sourcing to production to shipping. We are so happy this food is available nationwide; as our clients span the country, we are happy to have high-quality food we can recommend.

Dr. Barbara Royal 

Viva has been a welcome addition to the pet food market. Zach and Jenn have a tenacious and refreshing enthusiasm about the benefits and integrity of their dog and cat foods, and it shows in what they’ve created. I really appreciate being able to add their products to our list pet foods that I recommend to my clients.

Dr. Odette Suter 

I like Viva because they not only care about the pets who eat the food, but also how the "ingredients" were raised.  They make an effort to be as green and earth friendly as possible. The product itself looks really fresh and I'm happy that my local pet store is carrying their food so I can recommend it to my clients.

Dr. Laurie Coger 

One of the best foods you can give your dog! I am very impressed by Viva's commitment to quality ingredients. I love the availability of both complete and prey model formulations. Best of all is their chunked option. This offering is unique to Viva, and one of the reasons I choose it for my own dogs.

benefits of feeding fresh

more energy 1x1.png__PID:ce7b5625-8bb7-487f-8419-a79cf8006788

more energy

Fresh, high protein diets helps maintain stable energy levels through the day‚ÄĒfrom napping on the couch to zoomies in the park

cleaner teeth.png__PID:2770b24e-5d43-4740-b1d7-632356db596d

cleaner teeth

Our food never contains any starchy fillers or grains. Without this sugary fuel, tartar-causing bacteria dies off. The result? Pearly whites

healthy coat 1x1.png__PID:d0d475a5-f984-45da-bc9d-e86c933ea35e

healthy skin & coat

Natural fats and oils will support your pet’s coat health. Fresh diets also help pets that have itchy skin caused by sugar loving yeast & bacteria.

poop 1x1.png__PID:f98485da-7c9d-486c-933e-a35ee96296fc

firmer poops

Bear with me, this is important! Your pets absorb more nutrients from raw. What doesn't get digested is smaller, firmer, and way less smelly.

Chunks to Chew

Yup, you're reading that right. We're proud to be one of the only raw pet food companies that creates a chunked meal for your pup. Chunks not your thang? No worries, we have a ground option too.

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 meet our satisfied paw-rents

 meet our satisfied paw-rents

Monitor lizard

10/10 recommend

Levi always had digestive issues; diarrhea and would often get sick in the morning. I'm now 4+ months into a raw feeding diet and Levi has not been sick once! While it is pricier than traditional kibble, giving my dog a diet with ingredients that I know and can recognize is worth the extra money. 

Happy dog!

Scout has been on Viva Raw Pure Duck for the past week. He is doing a short period of an elimination diet, and we chose duck as his novel protein to help identify some food sensitivities (if any) due to some intense and persistent itching he has had since a young puppy. He LOVES it, and so do I! 

Two smiling golden retrievers
Black poodle lying under couch looking up towards camera

My cats LOVE Viva Raw!!!

My cats and I love, love, LOVE this product! I had been buying a different commercial brand at my local pet store and it just looks... well blah. Viva Raw looks fresh and like something I am proud and happy to serve my pets.

Dental health

My 10 year old Pomeranian has been brought back to life! What is most fascinating is my Pomeranians teeth. Her gums were always red and irritated and her breath smelled like death. In just one week her breath had no scent. The attached pictures were taken one month apart, before raw and after raw.

The kitties love Viva Raw!

My kitties love the turkey and, especially, the rabbit. It arrives perfectly frozen and nicely packaged. We've all been very happy with Viva Raw! Here they are waiting for their breakfast of Viva Raw rabbit.

Tricolor Aussie posing in front of bags of Viva
Two cats lying together


My 6 month old 28lb puppy Maggie has been on the raw diet for 2 months now. The changes are incredible. She no longer has dry skin, drinks less water, and smaller less smelly poops. Every where I go, I get compliments on her EXTREMELY shiny coat. WELL WORTH THE MONEY

Your Pet, Our Family

In 2020, we quit our jobs in the middle of the pandemic to start a pet food company. We wanted to give our dog the best life possible and help other pet parents do the same.

The Viva Story