Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Viva source from?

We're proud to be sourcing high quality, USDA human-grade ingredients from smaller farms. These are the same farms that stock your local Whole Foods & favorite restaurants. We hold our suppliers to the same Viva standard that we practice ourselves, and are proud to be supporting local businesses & farms whenever possible.

We only work with farms that never administer hormones & antibiotics (a huge step up from conventional) & are certified humane through third-party audits like G.A.P. or the American Humane Program. By not relying on chemicals, our farmers focus on providing high quality food and a clean environment to raise healthy, happy animals.

What’s the difference between Complete and Pure recipes?

Complete Recipes¬†are complete and balanced to AAFCO guidelines for dogs. If you're new to raw feeding & have a dog, we highly recommend that you start here! You won't have to worry about toppers and supplementing your pup's meals‚ÄĒjust thaw, portion & feed. If you're feeding a puppy, check out our Complete for Puppies‚ÄĒit's optimized for growth, including large breed puppies & will help start them off on the right paw! You can always reach out to our Nutrition Experts with additional questions or to ask for a customized feeding plan based on your pup's needs.

Pure Recipes are nutrient-dense & prey model-based at 80% muscle, 10% secreting organ, 10% bone with no added veggies or supplements. We recommend these for cats and ferrets with a pre-mix. These are also a great choice for picky palates, sensitivities, or pet parents looking to build their own meals!

Both Complete & Pure Recipes are single-protein to ensure they are as allergy-friendly as possible.

Should I get my food Chunked or Ground?

If you're new to our food or have a picky eater, then we recommend getting Ground since it will be easier to to mix and portion. If you're comfortably feeding Viva, then we encourage trying the Chunked! Chunk sizes are 1-2 inches in size and are a great choice if your pet prefers more texture, for hand-feeding, or even if you're just curious what's in your pet's food! ūüíú

Are Pure Recipes right for my pet?

If you have a dog & are new to raw, we always recommend starting with our balanced recipes for Dogs. If you have a cat, we recommend starting with our balanced recipes for Cats! This will be the easiest way to start feeding fresh since you won't have to add anything additional during mealtime to ensure complete nutrition.

Our Pure Recipes are prey model-based base mixes (80% muscle, 10% secreting organ, 10% bone) with no added veggies or supplements. They are perfect for pets with allergies or sensitivities, picky pets who required limited ingredient diets, or just pet parents who prefer to build their own custom meals! You can always reach out to our Nutrition Experts for information on balancing these recipes.

How much is shipping & what is your shipping schedule?

We offer FREE shipping for all orders over $250! (not applicable to Alaska, Hawaii & certain areas of Texas & Montana due to coverage). For orders under $250, we offer a flat-fee rate between $10-20 depending on your zone.

We ship M-W each week and you'll receive a tracking number once your package ships! You can always log in to your account to check on your order status and more info about our shipping can be found here. If there are any issues with how your order arrives, get in touch!