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viva. your food for life

chunked & ground
raw dog & cat food

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viva. your food for life

chunked & ground
raw dog & cat food

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quality ingredients

prepped in USDA kitchens with 100% human-grade ingredients

the viva variety

5 single protein recipes for natural variety & nutritional balance

humanely-raised, antibiotic-free


how your food is raised makes a big difference—nutritionally & ethically

Raw Feeding For Health

What's the whole deal about kibble versus raw pet food? You don't feel your best eating processed foods and neither does your pet. Learn how your pet's health can benefit from a raw diet today. 

Why Raw?

Chunks to Chew

Yup, you're reading that right. We're proud to be one of the only raw pet companies that creates a chunked meal for your pet. Chunks not your thang? No worries, we have a ground option too.

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Delivered To Door

You've got places to go and patches of grass to sniff. We make it easy to get the best frozen, raw dog & cat food delivered right to your doorstep, speedy. And just wait till you see our flat-fee shipping rates.

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complete & balanced

Formulated to AAFCO standards for adult dogs by certified nutritionists & industry experts

whole food supplements

whole foods

We believe in nourishing with organic, natural foods rather than synthetics 

protein rich

Our recipes maximize animal-derived nutrients with over 90% meat

how it works

Golden Retriever happily waits for Viva meal

pick it

Our single protein recipes come in convenient, 2 LB packages. Trust me, it won't be hard to meet our 10 LB order minimum.

pack it

Your order is packed with hi-tech earth-friendly insulation (recyclable or biodegradable) & plenty of dry ice to ensure everything stays frozen from our freezer to yours.

ship it

We ship M-W and your order arrives in 1-3 days. Don't forget to show us how your pet enjoys Viva on our socials!

About Shipping

Our Clean Bowl Guarantee: If your pet doesn't eat every last bite of your first order, we refund or replace it!  

benefits of feeding fresh

Person running with energetic dog

more energy

Whether your pet is a couch potato or a ball of energy, their ancestors ate raw prey. Even today, their bodies are best at extracting energy from unprocessed, raw foods.

Clean shiny white teeth

cleaner teeth

Our recipes don't contain any starches and grains and without its sugary fuel, tartar causing bacteria dies off. The result? Pearly whites.

Clean dog with shiny coat

shiny coat

Who doesn't love a soft shiny coat? With more natural fats and oils in their diet, your pet's coat becomes healthier than ever.

Firm pet stools

firmer poops

Bear with me, this is important! Your pet's able to absorb more nutrients from raw. What doesn't get digested is smaller, firmer, and way less smelly.

Chunks to Chew

Yup, you're reading that right. We're proud to be one of the only raw pet food companies that creates a chunked meal for your pup. Chunks not your thang? No worries, we have a ground option too.

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 meet our satisfied paw-rents

 meet our satisfied paw-rents

Monitor lizard



Levi always had digestive issues; diarrhea frequently, and would often get sick in the morning. I'm now 4+ months into a raw feeding diet and Levi has not been sick once! Bathroom breaks are much pleasant, and Levi loves his raw food diet. While it is pricier than traditional kibble, giving my dog a diet with ingredients that I know and can recognize is worth the extra money. Viva Raw is a great company, product is always fresh and have never had any issues. Levi also LOVES the gnaws, and have cleaned his teeth exceptionally well.

Jeanie Cahill

(Lake Toxaway)

I breed and show Golden Retrievers and am a longtime raw feeder. My boys Duff & Teddy are in the Show Dog Hall of Fame and my four girls are gorgeous and healthy, too. Thick shiny coats, no skin problems, small not-too-smelly poops, bright eyes and long-lived. Fourteen year old Maxie just developed cancer, had a foreleg amputated and is undergoing chemo. I really appreciate VivaRawPets’ prey model rabbit and duck for her. Some other raws and most kibbles contain a lot of carbs (cheap fillers) that feed cancer.  

Two smiling golden retrievers
Black poodle lying under couch looking up towards camera

Val Carney


My cats and I love, love, LOVE this product! I had been buying a different commercial brand at my local pet store and it just looks... well blah. Viva Raw looks fresh and like something I am proud and happy to serve my pets. I appreciate that they ship in small quantities so I’m not obligated to fill a huge box I can’t store that much anyway. In order to buy from these other places I must find other people to split an order with me so that I can afford to fill a huge box. Viva doesn’t do that and will ship as little as 15 pounds. No problem. I love that they have single proteins in varieties my cats can eat.


(The Bronx)

Exactly what we needed for our babies. The quality of these recipes has our pet babies eagerly waiting for their meals and clearing their plates. Our Azrael will clear his bowl and Rowan will share some of hers with him. In hindsight, I should have placed a larger order and should have included more gnaws. We're looking forward to my next order!

Lisa Duncan

(Black Mountain)

We have recently been sampling the Viva variety packs in both the ground and chunked versions and I must say my two Australian Shepherds love what they've tried so far. The ground rabbit was so red and fresh-looking. It looked lean and delicious. When Gunner & Colt (pictured) ate it for breakfast they did the "zoomies" afterward - a ritual reserved for their favorite things that get them excited. 

Tricolor Aussie posing in front of bags of Viva
Two cats lying together

Jiye Bahng


We have been trying various raw food companies for our poodle puppy. We love the story behind Viva Raw, and the customer service is excellent. The quality of the food is AMAZING as well. We love being able to see the quality of food in the chunked formula, especially. Transparency is so important to us with what we feed our puppy. We have already placed our second order! Love Viva Raw!

Your Pet, Our Family

Our journey started with a little pup who ate and ate and quickly became a not-so-little princess.
We wanted to give her the very best life and now our mission is to help other pet parents do the same. 

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